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Heavy Duty Strap

Packing Steel Strap

As tough as it gets
High-tensile strap is the ultimate solution for heavy-duty applications such as hot- and cold-rolled coils and is therefore indispensable, including for use in the steel industry. The special heat treatment produces a structural change of the material that is constantly exposed to high temperature.
This controls the parameters of strength and elongation at break and achieves an even higher shock resistance. The result is a tremendous strength and extremely high consistency together with an excellent elongation property of 12 %.
To meet the high quality requirements, TITAN regularly carries out random samples in which both the raw material and the finished product are tested for their rigorous practical use.
High-tensile strap also undergoes the typical TITAN rounding process, thus protecting both man and material. In addition, the waxed surface offers further advantages. High-tensile strap is the product of choice for the heaviest applications.

Technical Data
Dimensions from 12 x 0.5 mm to 32 x 1.12 mm
from 1/2 x 0.02'' to 1 1/4 x 0.044''
Tensile strength ≥ 950 N/mm2
Breaking load approx. up to 33,800 N I 7,600 lbf
Elongation (A5) min approx. ≥ 12 %
Surface blued: by heat treatment, waxed
black painted: coating thickness 1 - 2 µm waxed
zinc painted coating thickness 5 µm waxed
zinc plated: on request, waxed
Coiling ribbon wound, oscillated wound
Form of delivery skid pallets, frames for jumbo coils, special skids on request
Certification quality management: DIN EN ISO 9001
energy management: DIN EN ISO 50001
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