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P.W. Lenzen
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  Discover new possibilities for coil strapping

Who would not change his processes in such a way that they cause less costs and achieve better results?

This wish can come true with the new coil strapping system by P.W.Lenzen, which unites several working steps in one single arrangement. For the annealing it uses steel strap - for the dispatch it puts on plastic strap, which is cheaper, prevents the surface from damage and can be opened without the danger of injury. Both strappings get along without seals of course, what simplifies the process and reduces the costs additionally.

Also the labels which are supplied from a printer can be put on with the strapping immediately - automatically and within the shortest time. So the machine offers everything you need for an economic coil strapping in one single device - with minimum required space in the production hall and easy to maintain.

  As a system supplier LENZEN offers everything in the field of packaging steel strapping and PP/PET plastic strapping for the strapping of transport goods. We will find a solution that suits your needs for all kind of strappings: for manual hand tools, for pneumatic hand tools and for fully automatic strapping systems which we design according to our customers` desire.
  Always at the edge of modern technology. LENZEN continually develops new possibilities for solutions of packaging problems. We are always up-to-date in the design of complete strapping facilities. This can only be achieved by using modern technology of environmental protection in our production or with continual investments in our facility technology. We use all possibilities of technology to improve our products.
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