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Coil strapping
Video Coil strapping   Here you will watch a high performance double head strapping machine for the product safety of slit strapping coils by the coil eye. In this case a 4 x 90 strapping will be conducted. The machine stands in connection with a runway turntable. Modern strapping heads VS 12L-LD protect each strapping by a weld point.
Watch the video here (5:45 Min.)

Timber strapping
Video Timber strapping   Compressing of trimmed timber pallets under high pressure that results in compact dispatch units. The strapping with PET strap is carried out with squared timber which will be automatically given a push from a magazine and will be brought into position under the trimmed timber pack. Reliable high performance is the requirement at the end of this production chain.
Watch the video here (5:12 Min.)

Construction industry packet assembling
Video Construction industry packet assembling   The protection of concrete blocks on pallets and of packs without pallets is shown here impressively. High elasticity of the high performance steel strap protects the footing of the products against any possible strain on the way to the customer. The double head version corresponds to the demanded power spectrum with a sufficient measure to safety. Modern processes and first-class technical elements guarantee a trouble free operation.
Watch the video here (7:30 Min.)

Pallet strapping
Video Pallet strapping   This supplier of the automobile industry sets great store on strapping programs which can be adapted individually to the regulations of the customers. The loader with the fork lift decides how each pallet must be protected. Whether single parallel binding or double dagger protection: a push on the button is sufficiently. The strapping machine stands in the center of the conveying line and operates unattended.
Watch the video here (4:48 Min.)

Trapeze sheet strapping
Video Trapeze sheet strapping   This machine is moveable lateral over more than 20 m and custom-made to the requirements of the user. By binary codes the machine receives the informations at which position and with how many strappings the trapeze sheet packs must be protected. The maximal speed of the lateral drive is 500 mm/sec. Frequency converters take care of a gentle startup and a gentle braking so that the strapping position can be achived extactly.
Watch the video here (7:21 Min.)

Steel rod strapping
Video Steel rod strapping   High-quality round steels will be united automatically in 6-edge packs and will be feeded to the strapping machine VS 32L. Fully automatic positioning into the strapping position and fully automatic regulation of the seal center for the different packs protect the high quality of the performance and transport strapping with steel strapping 32 x 0,8 mm. The strapping head VS 32L with 2 point-WIG-welding seal is proven in this rough multiple shift operation.
Watch the video here (3:39 Min.)

PWL 60
Video Stabstahlumreifung   Strapping tool for packaging steel strapping.
It is the lightest tool in its class for seal-less joint.

Watch the video here (2:10 Min.)

PWL 600
Video Stabstahlumreifung   Strapping tool for packaging steel strapping.
Seal-less technology, fully automatical use.

Watch the video here (1:30 Min.)

PWL 750 + 760
Video Stabstahlumreifung   The first fully automatic tubeless steel strapping tool. To be used with seals. Ideal for round packs.

Watch the video here (3:40 Min.)
PWL 32
and PWL 46 - 48
Video Stabstahlumreifung   Manual tensioner and sealer for packaging steel strapping with seals

Watch the video here (1:40 Min.)
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